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Here are some of the letters we’ve received:

Dear Congregation Agudas Achim:

It was our privilege to attend your Yom Kippur services this year, while we were visiting my parents in Swan Lake.  It is a wonderful thing to find a synagogue that allows people to worship without distinction as to whether they are rich or poor, Jewish or intermarried.  At the very beginning of the Kol Nidre service in other Jewish traditions, there is a line that goes, “By the authority of the Heavenly Tribunal… we permit prayer with all those who have sinned.”  I think that principle speaks volumes for  the acceptance we found in your community.

We look forward to returning next year.


Jonathon Cohen and Beth Riley

Mr. Freedman –

I am Richie Chiger’s cousin and was present yesterday for Shannon’s funeral. I mentioned to Richie how amazed and impressed I was with the woman helping out at the Temple and he suggested I contact you directly. I arrived at the Temple at 10:30 with a number of containers of food. I was welcomed by the women and told that they had it under control and I should go to the funeral home. they could not have been more lovely and helpful. I even mentioned that there was special vegan food so please keep it separate and/or provide labels. I also saw numerous other people arriving with food and could not imagine how they would going to manage this seemingly monumental task. When I arrived at the Temple after the ceremony I was amazed to see that everything was in place – the food was beautifully organized and presented. They even remembered to label the vegan food. I was then further amazed when I saw these same women coming around to people who were sitting outside the Temple with water bottles and trays of food and sips of wine. It was hot, there were large numbers of people, and lots of food to arrange and yet they did all of this with grace and compassion. It was a difficult day for all, but also a beautiful day when I saw the outpouring of love for Richie, Jackie, their family and friends. The women at the Temple were incredible and I thought they should be recognized for their extraordinary efforts. I left around 4 p.m. when people were still milling about and food was still on the tables. I understand that before Richie and Jackie left shortly thereafter that the Temple was left immaculate due to these amazing Temple members. My only regret is that I do not live closer to be able to join your Temple which Richie always describes as a warm and welcoming community.


Linda Niedweske

Yesterday we defined caring with our actions as we gathered to support the grieving Chiger Family.  The incredible outpouring of community in the form of contributions of foods, work efforts, welcoming and hosting family and strangers alike, was beyond words.

Alan and I wish to convey profound thanks to all of you who participated in every effort to make the Chiger Family as comfortable in their spiritual home as possible following the passing of their beloved daughter Shannon.

Shalom to you all.

Alan & Karen Blocker

I just wanted to say how proud and honored I was to be a part of our wonderful congregation yesterday.  We all came together to support one another and our beloved Chiger family in a way that was just so touching and heartfelt.  No one knew what to expect – we didn’t know how much food would arrive nor how many people… both came in extraordinary numbers!  Our little temple held it’s own (except for one toilet incident which we’re working on!) to give the Chiger family and friends what was needed – a place to gather, converse, hug and support each other.

Thank you to all of the helping hands who didn’t look for a ‘thank you’ at all – but I’m giving it to you anyway.

Much love –

Michele Hemmer