Thank you for visiting our website. As the president of Congregation Agudas Achim
it is an honor to lead this historic congregation. I grew up in Livingston Manor when
the synagogue was Orthodox. I spent services either upstairs with the women or
outside playing, and collecting the glass chips that had fallen from the stucco walls
where they had been embedded. The shift in population and some progressive
leadership led to drastic changes in the early 80’s and today we are a thriving
congregation committed to the principles of Reform Judaism with a strong respect
for tradition. We are committed to an open door policy that allows any one to join us
for any service regardless of whether or not they are members because we believe
that everyone should feel welcome in our congregational home.

Livingston Manor is much different than it was when I was a little girl. At that time
there were Jewish merchants on Main Street and in the surrounding area. They
sustained the synagogue. They attended services, had fellowship dinners, sent their
kids to Hebrew school, supported fundraisers and they were a community. Now,
many of our members do not live locally and we have to work harder to create a
connection. But the spirit of Agudas Achim is strong and we are proud that we
have been able to maintain and even grow despite the challenges that we face.

Perhaps you would like Agudas Achim to be your synagogue-the place where you
come and feel welcome, the place where you come and make friends, the place
where you come and connect spiritually or personally and where you enjoy the
friendships that develop because you are part of a community. We would love that!
Please reach out if you would like more information about who we are and how to
become involved.

I hope you will take some time to look through the website. You will find
information about our activities and the history of our synagogue. We are very
proud of our community and of the commitment that we have kept to preserve and
grow the historic synagogue building and its heritage. We look forward to passing
that on to future generations and hope that you and all others that find our small
congregation will join us and be a part of its heritage and its future.


Judy Siegel


A Message from our Past-President

We are a small congregation located in the northern end of Sullivan County, NY. Historically we were the last community in the famous Catskill Mountains’ “borscht belt.” Today we have a special congregation with a unique identity.

Our membership is very diverse both geographically and in background.

Agudas Achim thrives because of its accepting attitude and the warmth of our membership. Our doors are open because our hearts are open. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and skills as we work together to nurture our community. Like most small congregations we are dependent on a giving spirit which gets the work done. Our goal is to provide the essentials of Jewish life in a haimishe environment.

In the late 1960’s, our congregation was essentially dormant. The few members wondered if we would survive. Today we are around 80 families strong. Providing for the need our families with children have created renewed enthusiasm and purpose. Our more senior members enrich our congregation as we reap the benefits of their experience and wisdom. We regularly attract new congregants as members encourage their friends to join. Our friendliness and quality of our worship services entices visitors to become members of our synagogue family. Many members do not live locally most of the year, yet however distant they continue to provide essential support. Our  board and spiritual leaders share a vision of humble service to God and our people.

As you look through the website you will find information about our activities, history and historic synagogue. We are very proud our community. It is committed to the principles of Reform Judaism with a strong respect for tradition. With guidance from Rabbi Pomerantz, we see ourselves as a growing congregation, willing to change to meet our future needs. The commitment we made during the summer of 2005, to preserve and restore our historic synagogue building, reflects our belief that future generations of Jews will find a spiritual home in Livingston Manor It is our responsibility to pass on the heritage we have received.

It is our hope you, and everyone who finds this website, will find a way to celebrate with us. May your life be blessed with simcha.


Bob Freedman