High Holidays

The High Holidays are around the corner. It’s always a reflective time but this year in particular the New Year and the Day of Atonement will have a deeper meaning for many. A question you probably never thought you would need to answer is, “how can I make the ‘days of awe’ meaningful and fulfilling if I cannot attend in person?”   Everyone will have to answer that for him or herself but Rabbi Pomerantz, Ira and Julia Levin (our cantorial duo) and your Leadership Board are doing our best to prepare and to help provide a deeply meaningful experience for the community.

Through the uncertainty of these times many have found that turning to their congregation has provided a critical comfort for them during the trauma of uncertainty and loss. The zoom services have been very special. Yet, we are concerned…our expenses remain the same but, without congregating in person we are worried that the donations will not provide enough support to cover our costs. That is why, in addition to providing the information that is enclosed in this letter, we are appealing to you for donations. Please consider the importance of the Jewish community that surrounds you (albeit virtually) and the need to support that community so that it remains available to you and all who need that support for this year and many years ahead.

The upcoming High Holiday services will be shared via zoom. You can email virtualshabbat@gmail.com or call 845-798-0783 and we can provide the link. See below for the schedule.   New to zoom? Join us for a zoom practice session! See “zoom practice sessions” below for details.

Thank you for being a part of the Agudas Achim family. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Judy Siegel, President

Congregation Agudas Achim



You can order books to follow along in one of three ways.

  • Call the CCAR Press (212) 972-3636 X241 and order a copy of the Mishkan Hanefesh for Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur
  • Go to the CCAR Press website: ccarpress.org and click where it says, in red at the top of the home page “we are offering a wide range of resources for the High Holiday this year” Once you click on that link you will see options to:
    • Order a kindle version
    • Order a print copy of the Mishkan Hanefesh for Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur
    • Use the flip book on your computer (you can click on the flip book and see that you can access each page directly from your computer) (this option is free)


Traditionally a yahrzeit candle is lit in honor of those that you are remembering. If you have one lit or plan to light one during yizkor, perhaps you can keep it near you and your computer and we will all share a view of our candlelights during the Yizkor service.




Sunday        September 25  8 PM                  Erev Rosh Hashanah

Monday        September 26   10 AM               Rosh Hashanah



Tuesday    October 4   8:00 PM            Kol Nidre &  Erev Yom Kippur

Wednesday     October 5  10:00 AM           Yom Kippur Morning Service

4:30 PM          Afternoon Service  (Reading of Jonah)

5:00 PM          Yizkor

5:45  PM          N’eilah (concluding service)



Yizkor means remember. The Yizkor service is an opportunity to honor those that have passed by giving tzedakah[charity] in their memory, on the theory that the good deeds of the survivors elevate the souls of the departed. By giving charity, we are performing a positive physical deed in this world, something that the departed can no longer do.

You can donate directly with your credit card by clicking here or please fill out the form below with the name(s) of loved ones that you would like noted during the Yizkor service along with a donation to the synagogue in their honor. Once we receive the form and your donation we will place their names on a list and display it on the screen during the Yizkor service. Your generosity honors them and helps us keep our doors (virtual or actual) open so that we can continue to provide these services. Your donations are critical to our future. We understand that money may be a challenge right now. We hope you understand that money is a challenge for us as well, if you can, please be generous.

Please list the name(s) of those you would like to see listed on the screen during our Yizkor service. Forms must be received no later than September 30. Email form to: Agudasachim@hvc.rr.com or mail to Congregation Agudas Achim, PO Box 714, Livingston Manor, NY 12758. Please expect a confirmation so that you can be sure your request has been received.  

Your Name:_________________________________________        

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Your Email: ____________________________Your Phone #:__________________


$36_____     $100______   $180______   $250_____   $360______   $500______  

$750 ______$1000_______ Other $______ 

Name(s) as you would like them listed:

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Please send donations to:

Congregation Agudas Achim

PO Box 714
Livingston Manor, NY 12758