One of our congregational goals is to create more opportunity for us to gather and strengthen our sense of community.  In order for this to happen, we need your help. We are all limited by the realities of our lives, the small size of the congregation and distance. By volunteering your time, you will be part of our future successes. You might even make some new friends. As you can see from the list, there are numerous potential ways to be involved. We have needs for additional activities, maintaining of our facilities and sharing ourselves to ease the burden of others.

Please take the time to look over the list. Let Agudas Achim know how you can be part of our ongoing process of gathering and renewal. Please share any ideas you have about how we can reach out more effectively. The board is committed to making possible any new initiatives a member might want to lead. Please respond to our appeal for your involvement with an email to agudasachim@hvc.rr.com or leave message at 845-439-3600. Someone from the board will get back to you. Financial support is important, however it is personal commitment creating community which will ensure that Agudas Achim will be here for future generations.

I am willing to:

  • Host an Oneg
  • Help in the kitchen at services and special events
  • Prepare food for an event
  • Purchase items for an event
  • Help set up for events
  • Greet people, usher and handout books at services
  • Serve on the board
  • Read in English at services
  • Help organize a fund raiser
  • Help organize a special event
  • Help at special event
  • Sell tickets to an event and /or solicit advertising
  • Be responsible for changing the Temple Sign
  • Help keep synagogue grounds looking good. (weeding, trimming, set up sprinkler if needed.)
  • Attend a work day or cleanup event

I would:

  • Lead a Jewish themed program of interest to adults. explain
  • Teach people how to:
  • Lead a discussion group, if provided materials
  • Share a Jewish experience. explain
  • Help organize social outreach to members and to community at large

Skills I would use to help:

  • Photographer; Take pictures and send them to website, Facebook, newsletter.
  • Create an archive of Pictures for photographic history
  • Legal; I am an attorney willing to donate legal advice if necessary
  • Accounting: Assist the treasurer if needed
  • Skilled labor I could donate (carpentry, painting, masonry, etc)
  • Read or Chant torah
  • Search for and write grants
  • I have connections to other people who might lead a special event or program at little or no cost.

Other abilities I have which may be helpful:

Your ideas on how to make our synagogue community better