Life Cycle Events

Agudas Achim encourages all members to celebrate life cycle events with the congregation. Shabbat services are sometimes highlighted by baby namings or wedding vow renewals. Members are encouraged to host an oneg to celebrate or remember important events in their families.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We strongly support and en courage the Jewish education of our youth. Agudas Achim has a wonderful Hebrew School program that provides a solid base of knowledge. The most frequently celebrated  life cycle events are our Hebrew School students becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The sanctuary and social hall are available to members who wish to use our facilities to hold their events.


The beauty of the sanctuary provides a peaceful backdrop during a funeral service. Members can use the sanctuary for the service and the downstairs social hall for a post service reception.. The congregation cannot guarantee the availability of a Rabbi or other person to officiate at a funeral. It  is not responsible for any fees charged for such services.  For those who are interested you will find below our current cemetery policies.

We were fortunate to have inherited from our founders the Agudas Achim cemetery, which sits on a lovely hilltop just outside of Livingston Manor. The creation of the cemetery over 100 years ago evolved into the forming of the congregation. Members who pay full, seasonal or non-resident dues are eligible to purchase individual gravesites. Non-members may purchase gravesites at a premium. You will find our current cemetery policies below.

All who wish to be buried in the Agudas Achim Cemetery are encouraged to use the services of Colonial-Bryant funeral home in Livingston Manor to make burial arrangements. Anthony Perito, the owner, is well versed in the requirement of Jewish burial and assists us in the management of our cemetery.   He can be contacted by calling: 845-439-4333.

The congregation cannot guarantee the availability of a Rabbi or other person to officiate at a funeral. Agudas Achim is not responsible for any fees charged for such services.


Agudas Achim Cemetery Policies

Amended, May 2020

Who may be buried in the cemetery?

  1. The main cemetery is reserved for interments in accordance with Jewish tradition and law.
  2. Only those of the Jewish faith maybe buried in the main section.
  3. The small section at the top of the hill may be used for the burial of interfaith families, cremation urns, and those of the Jewish faith who may be prohibited from burial in a Jewish cemetery by Jewish law.

Gravesite regulations

  1. Within one year of a burial the family of the deceased must erect a headstone or other appropriate grave marker approved by the Congregation board.
  2. Any grave marker must be consistent with existing practices.
  3. Non-Jewish religious symbols or references will not be permitted on any headstone or grave marker.
  4. A $1000 escrow deposit may be required at the time of burial. The escrow will be returned when an appropriate grave marker is erected.
  5. Only one person may be buried in each grave. In the case of a cremation urn, a grave may be divided in half horizontally and an urn buried separately in the center of each half.
  6. All caskets must have a grip or handles to allow pall bearers or funeral home personnel to carry the casket to the grave site safely.  The family is responsible for choosing pall bearers capable of securely carrying the casket to the grave site from the hearse.
  7. All local and New York State law regulating cemeteries must be observed.
  8. The planting of vegetation on a grave site is prohibited.  Gravesites may be planted with grass or covered with white decorative stones. Other than the maintenance performed by the Congregation, the family of the deceased is responsible for the upkeep of the gravesite.


  1. The total cost of all burials will be the responsibility of those making funeral arrangements. This includes the cost of plowing and/or sanding the interior road which provides access to the parking lot, if necessary.
  2. Gravesite locations may be requested if paid in full in advance.
  3. In order to qualify for member rates a person must be a paid up, current full time individual or family for at least three years or pay three years dues in advance.  Paid up current seasonal or non-resident members may qualify after five years of membership or prepayment of equivalent dues.
  4. Former members, non-resident members, non-members and their heirs who have pre-purchased gravesites will be subject to a $300 grave opening fee at the time of interment.
  5. Cost of gravesites:
    $0………..Pre-1965 members of the Agudas Achim Society, currently members in good standing.
    $400…….Congregation members, both full time and seasonal, in good standing.
    $800…….Members immediate family:  parents, older children and siblings
    $800…….Non-resident member for at least 3 years, their legal partner and minor children.
    $1500…..Members non-immediate family: i.e.  cousin, aunt, uncle, non-blood relatives
  6. After purchasing a member priced gravesite, membership must be maintained. If membership lapses, an additional fee equal to the amount that would make the dues payments current, but no more than cost of a non-member gravesite will be assessed. Payment is due at the time of interment.

Responsibility of Congregation

  1. The Congregation Board will be the sole authority for determining the rules and regulations for the cemetery, except those imposed by governmental regulation.
  2. The Congregation Board may to grant exceptions to these regulations if individual circumstances warrant.  Any exceptions granted will not become precedents.
  3. The Congregation will maintain the grass in the cemetery at reasonable length. It will also trim around grave markers at least once per year. The congregation will, at its discretion, fill holes around graves, clean and repair grave markers. The Congregation will also maintain roads, when feasible.
  4. The Congregation reserves the right to remove anything from a gravesite for causes such as safety, violation of rules, dignity and proper maintenance.
  5. The Congregation may deny access to the cemetery due to acts of God which make travel in the cemetery dangerous. It is not responsible for maintaining access to individual gravesites at all times.
  6. Upon full payment, the Congregation will maintain a record of all purchases. Gravesite location requests will be honored on interment whenever possible.